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Drought Management

The Eldorado Area Water & Sanitation District (EAWSD)  is dedicated to efficiently managing its limited water resources, including year-round conservation and seasonal emergency restricted use, as deemed necessary. Because water resources are limited in the arid southwestern states, all water users must practice water conservation measures year-round. Outlined in the Water Restrictions and Alert Management Plan (WRAMP), are the conservation measures which include Stages 0, 1, 2, and Emergency. During Stage 0: Normal Conditions, we ask that normal or typical effective conservation measures be practiced by all.


*Please note that all restrictions presented apply only to the use of EAWSD water and not to the use of recycled and/or catchment water. 
Stage 1: Guarded Conditions include the following measures

A. Outdoor watering is restricted to one of the following two options of the customer's choosing:


2. TWO (2) days per week including ONE (1) weekend day as follows:

a) Odd-numbered house addresses on Tuesday and Saturday;

b) Even-numbered house addresses on Thursday and Sunday;

B. No watering of lawns;


C. No new in-ground planting of any trees or shrubs;

D. No No outdoor watering between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm;

E. No washing of outdoor hard surfaces (e.g., driveways, patios, sidewalks);

F. No washing of vehicles, including recreational vehicles or trailers;

G. No filling or adding water to pools or outdoor water features (e.g., fountains, ponds). Covered outdoor spa/hot tubs are allowed.

H. No water use or sales from District fire hydrants, except in accordance with contract requirements for EAWSD contractors. 

Stage 2: Severe Conditions

Stage 2: Severe Conditions will be declared when it is anticipated that supply will be insufficient to maintain appropriate levels of system function, generally when tank levels cannot be maintained above 60-70% full.

​All conservation measures specified in Stage 1 are in effect, with the following additions and modifications:

A. Outdoor watering is restricted to ONE weekday per week, as follows:

1. Odd-numbered house addresses on Tuesday OR Wednesday;

2. Even-numbered house addresses on Thursday OR Friday;


B. No new in-ground planting of any kind of plants or vegetation;


C. No filling or adding water to spa/hot tubs or to pools or outdoor water features (e.g., fountains, ponds); and


D. No water may be used for new construction (residential or commercial) purposes.


 Emergency Conditions

Emergency Conditions may be declared when it has been determined by District officials that a situation exists that places the integrity of the system at risk. 

  • All Stage 1 and 2 conservation measures are MANDATORY during the declared Emergency Conditions, with the additional restriction that NO outdoor water use is allowed.  

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