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Water Sources
Our water is sourced from wells tapping aquifers in the Galisteo Basin and wells drawing from seasonal flows in the Galisteo Creek alluvium.

Water Treatment
EAWSD produces high quality ground water, requiring little water treatment. As required by law, EAWSD disinfects the water with low levels of sodium hypochloride (liquid chlorine) to prevent microbial growth as the water moves through the water distribution system.  While the groundwater contains low levels of naturally occurring fluoride, no fluoride is added as a water treatment. Some customers choose to install residential water softeners to treat for the high mineral content of groundwater; others consider this mineral content to be the most beneficial quality of their drinking water.
Future Water Supply
Hydrologic studies for the District have identified a 100-year supply of groundwater, assuming no increase in annual water demand.  However, the water supply issue must be monitored closely. Drought conditions can reduce the water production capacity of specific wells. An aquifer's rate of recharge is critical to the sustainability of water production from that aquifer. Therefore, EAWSD continually seeks alternative sources of future water supply.
Water Rights
The District has been issued a partial license by the Office of the State Engineer that clarifies and defines the District’s water rights . It also clarifies the amount of water rights the District may develop in the future, dependent upon our ability to locate adequate sources of water. Read the State Engineer License document for more information.

Scientific Reports
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