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New Water Services Policy

The New Water Services Policy provides detailed information for developers and other property owners who are considering construction and will require water service for one or more homes. 

Hydrant Meter Rentals

Water may be purchased from the District for use in road work or construction projects by renting a hydrant meter. Please note that EAWSD will not sell water from hydrants when customers are under water restrictions.  If you are interested in renting a hydrant meter, contact the EAWSD Business Office for more information, or fill out the District's Hydrant Meter Rental Form and bring it with you when you come to the EAWSD Business Office. 

Buried Facilities  

Whether you're an excavating contractor, or a homeowner making home improvements, and you plan to dig using power equipment, State law requires you to call New Mexico One Call at 811 at least 2 working days prior to digging. Utility companies with buried facilities in the area, including EAWSD, will respond by marking the location of the underground lines for which they are responsible. There is no charge for this service. Locating the water line between the water meter and your home is the homeowner's responsibility.

Fire Service

Water service may be provided by the District solely for use in fire hydrants or fire sprinkler systems from lines or laterals connected to the District's water mains. If you are interested in Fire Service Only, please contact the EAWSD Administrative Office for more information. 

Developments and Subdivisions

Developments and subdivisions in Santa Fe County must be approved by the Santa Fe County Growth Management/Land Use Department. One of the requirements for County approval of a development or subdivision in the Eldorado area is the issuance of a letter by EAWSD confirming that the District is ready, willing and able to provide water service to the development. Once a developer has contacted the County to determine that a proposed development meets County criteria for approval, the developer should contact EAWSD to discuss requirements for providing water service to the development. District requirements can be found in EAWSD’s New Water Service Policy (see below). If the development is within District boundaries and requires 10 new connections or less, it may be approved administratively by the General Manager. If the development is for more than 10 connections or is outside District boundaries, then the developer must enter into a Development Agreement (DA) with EAWSD, which will specify: The number, type and location of the proposed connections The amount of water to be furnished Infrastructure to be installed by the Developer Water sources, water rights and/or fees to be furnished or paid by the Developer Projected schedules Other requirements The DA must be approved by the EAWSD Board of Directors. Upon Board approval, the DA can be executed, and EAWSD can issue a “will-serve” letter for the development or subdivision. ​

”Lot Splits"

Property owners who wish to “split” or divide a parcel should first contact the Santa Fe County Growth Management/Land Use Department to determine the requirements for a “lot split” and whether the parcel qualifies for a “lot split.” If the parcel qualifies, the County will require a letter from EAWSD confirming that the District is ready, willing and able to provide water service to the newly divided parcel.  The property owner should contact the District Business Office at (505) 466-1085 to request a New Water Service Estimate for the proposed “lot split” and a “will serve” letter for the new parcel.

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