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As a customer of the Eldorado Area Water & Sanitation District, or as an owner of property in the District, you and your neighbors share a responsibility of property ownership.
You support the District by:

  • Staying informed

  • Attending Board Meetings and District events

  • Suggesting areas of improvement

  • Volunteering

  • Voting in District elections

  • Conserving water

  • Encouraging others to conserve

District Responsibilities

The District is responsible for maintaining all transmission and distribution lines and water meters. The customer is responsible for the repair of water lines on the property owner's side of the water meter. 
The customer also understands that:

  • The water meter is owned by Eldorado Area Water & Sanitation District.

  • Water service is subject to interruption and the District cannot be held liable for any damages that may result from such interruption.

  • Any water pressure regulation devices on the property owner's side of the meter are the customer's responsibility.

  • The customer agrees to comply with any requirements for a backflow prevention device.

  • Service may be terminated if the customer fails to pay the water bill.

  • Opening the lid of a water meter may result in a fine.

  • Tampering with District property or equipment will result in a fine.

WATERLINE MAINTENANCE:    Who is responsible?

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