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The EAWSD Board of Directors establishes the water rates assessed to EAWSD customers. These rates are evaluated by the Board and Finance Committee on an annual basis. The rates charged to EAWSD customers not only cover the costs of pumping and distributing our water, but also the costs of assuring the quality and supply, the debt load incurred during purchase of the system, and funds for investment in system maintenance and improvement. On February 21, 2024, the EAWSD Board approved Resolution No. 24-02-01 adopting adjustments to District rates, tolls, fees, and charges. A formal Public Hearing was held on March 27, 2024, conducted by Attorney Peter Gould, an independent Hearing Officer certified by the NM Public Regulation Commission. Mr. Gould submitted his decision on April 18, 2024, supporting the adoption of the five-year rate plan. 
Rates and Conservation

The District fee schedule is designed to encourage good water conservation practices:  commodity rates (i.e., charges for water usage) are lower for customers who consume less water, while customers with higher consumption rates are subject to higher per gallon costs.  During summer months, a Conservation Surcharge further encourages wise water usage.
Late Charge/Penalties
Any water utility service account that is not paid by the due date, in accordance with the District's rules and tariffs in force, shall incur an additional late penalty charge in the amount of five dollars ($5.00) or ten percent (10%) of the total invoice amount, whichever is greater. The late penalty fee is subject to, and will be increased by, applicable governmental gross receipts tax. Any late payment penalty will be billed on the customer's next regular invoice, and will be due and payable twenty-one (21) days after the date of that invoice.

Rates for Out-of-District Customers
EAWSD customers who are "Out-of-District" (and therefore pay no property taxes for the Water District) are charged a higher monthly base service fee. This helps to level out their contribution to that of tax-paying residents.

Property Tax

Santa Fe County assesses a property tax mill levy on all taxable property in the District in order to provide revenue for administration of the District and for operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of District infrastructure. 

Leak Policy

EAWSD recognizes that there are sometimes cases of large leaks on the customer's side of the meter and has developed a policy to provide limited relief in such cases. To read the policy, Click here. Please note, EAWSD is not permitted to forgive water bills in their entirety owing to the anti-donation clause in the New Mexico State Constitution.

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