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Access to EAWSD documents

As a public entity, EAWSD provides public access to District records unless there are restrictions because of attorney-client privilege, personal data privacy, or other constraints.  


Links to current versions of selected EAWSD documents are provided  throughout the website for your convenience. 


All agendas, minutes, and notices provided on this website are for informational purposes only.  Official copies and any attachments referenced are available at the District Office.

Formal Information Requests

Requests for information should be directed to:

in accordance with established New Mexico procedures for requesting public information. 

Click on the image to open your library folder.  

Please be patient while your library loads.

EAWSD Board Meeting Minutes & Meeting Agendas

The minutes of Board meetings since 2013 are available online. If you require minutes from prior years, please contact the District office. 

EAWSD Board Resolutions

The District Board makes resolutions in open meetings on topics such as contracts, application and approval of loans and grants, formation of District committees, changes in rates and taxes, etc. 

EAWSD Board Policies

Decisions on District policies are made in open meetings of the Board of Directors. If you have questions or comments about any of the District policies, please contact the District Manager.

EAWSD Corporate Documents

Documents regarding the formation and governance of the District. 

EAWSD Financial Reports, Audits, Budgets

EAWSD is required to comply with State laws governing public entities for balanced budgets, annual audits, and other financial controls.

EAWSD Water Notes

The Water Notes newsletter is distributed with the monthly bills.

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EAWSD Water Quality Reports

EAWSD prepares its Consumer Confidence Report annually. This report details the quality of water as tested through the prior year and copies of the annual reports are available to you here. 

EAWSD Conservation Plans

Water is truly a vital resource in our environment, and customers of EAWSD have a strong record of water conservation. 

EAWSD Technical Reports

EAWSD relies on technical and scientific studies of our utility system and our environment. 

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