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A water meter is required for any account that receives water service from EAWSD

  • Over 96% of EAWSD customers have a cellular read transmitter at their meter. These transmitters communicate via the cloud to a designated website. The cellular transmitter generates a communication signal once a day, and the transmission takes only seconds to upload. This provides much more timely data and eliminates the need for manual meter reading except in rare instances where the cellular signal strength is weak. 

  • The EyeOnWater® (EOW) application provides EAWSD customers the ability to monitor their water usage and understand their water use patterns. This involves registering online for an EOW account and setting up notifications for leak alerts.  

  • EOW is a powerful tool in the conservation of water. All customers are responsible to monitor and control water usage in their homes and property.


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What are the benefits of EyeonWater (EOW) and a BEACON cellular transmitter?

  • A BEACON® cellular transmitter provides more accurate and timely water usage data.

  • Customers may view their home's water usage online - on computer, mobile phone, or tablet. This information is available anywhere, anytime. This is especially important for people who travel or have second homes, or those who are caring for other neighbors or family members.

  • Customers can set up EOW for notifications by email or text of a possible leak - when there is a continuous flow of water over a 24-hour period. This has detected problems ranging from breaks in large water lines to small but constant water loss in running toilets.

Resource link to a video that will help you better understand your EyeOnWater (EOW) account and leak alert notification is listed below:

       EyeOnWater – Overview (6:48 minutes)



How do I use EyeOnWater® (EOW) to help control water leaks?

  • EAWSD's Billing and Customer Service Department will provide you with instructions for setting up an EOW account. 

  • EAWSD recommends setting the leak alert threshold at zero or no more than 3 gallons per hour. 

  • The EOW/leak alert system is a tool so that customers can be aware of a possible problem, such as water being left running or a plumbing issue in your home although EAWSD cannot advise on where the leak is, nor can staff recommend services. See our section on Water Leaks for more information and recommendations on troubleshooting leaks. 

Note: To prevent your leak alert notifications from going to junk mail or spam, please add the following to your email safe list.

NOTE:  District Policy #P17-06-02,  concerning Leak Adjustments and Payments, states that if you fail to set-up your EyeOnWater account and leak alert notification, it will make you ineligible for a leak adjustment should a leak occur.

EyeOnWater® (EOW) & BEACON® Cellular

Transmitters in EAWSD

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