Moving to a Property with Water Service Currently Provided by EAWSD? 

Transfer the account into your name

If you are about to move or are moving, please ensure uninterrupted service by calling Customer Service at (505) 466-1085 to have the existing account(s) for that address transferred to your name. You will be asked to complete a Request for Beginning Reading/ Transfer of Account form for either a Residential or a Commercial account.

Moving to a Property Not Currently Served by EAWSD?

Request an estimate for new water service to the property

If you would like an estimate for a New Water Service to a property, contact the District’s Business Office at (505) 466-1085. You will need to provide a copy of the plat for the property in question.

Apply for new service
Applicants for a new service in this category should contact the District's Business Office at (505) 466-1085. You will need to complete a Request for Beginning Reading/Transfer of Account form for either a Residential or a Commercial account. 
Moving Into a Rental Property?

Renters who request that an account be opened in their name will be asked to show a copy of their rental or lease agreement and to complete a Request for Beginning Reading/ Transfer of Account form. 

Property owners must also sign both the Request for Beginning Reading/Transfer of Account form as well as the Property Owner Supplemental Application for Water Service to Tenant(s) form. 

While EAWSD will, as a convenience to property owners, bill and accept water service payments from tenants, property owners are ultimately responsible for payment of all water bills, late fees and penalties for water service to their properties.  
Transferring Property Ownership?
When ownership of a property is transferred, the water service must be transferred from the seller to the buyer. The new owner will need to complete a Request for Beginning Reading/
Transfer of Account form for a Residential account. Also, the new owner will need to show proof of ownership by providing either the official transfer of ownership received from the title company or the property settlement agreement.
Security Deposit 

All applicants are asked to show proof of identification (e.g., driver's license or photo ID) and to provide a $130 security deposit. This deposit will be refunded following 18 months of on-time bill payments or when the homeowner moves or sells the home, provided the final bill is paid in full.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Terminating Water Service

When You Move
When you move, notify EAWSD so that staff can do a final meter reading, prepare your final bill, and, if applicable, return your security deposit.  In order to begin this process, complete the Request for Final Reading/Transfer of Account Form  or call the District Business Office.

When You Sell

When selling your home in Eldorado, there are several steps to take to ensure a smooth transition between seller and buyer. Click HERE for a complete checklist.

If Your Water Has Been Shut Off
The most common reason for the District shutting off water to a home or business is nonpayment of bills.  When a balance has been outstanding more than 60 days, a disconnect notice will be sent.  This notice includes a shut-off date (usually 20 business days hence) and deadline for payment. A door hanger will be placed on the property 3 business days before the shutoff date. If you bring your account up to date, no shut-off action is taken.
If payment isn't made by the deadline, water service will be terminated.
If the water has been shut-off, please contact the EAWSD Business Office immediately to make arrangements for payment and reconnection. A reconnection fee may be assessed.
Note About Rental Property
The water bill for a property is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner, and property owners remain responsible if their tenants do not pay the bill.
Legal Action and Property Liens
Accounts in arrears, for which discontinuation of service does not lead to a payment, may result in legal action, including issuing a notice of lien on the property for unpaid water bills, late fees and accrued interest.

Need Help Paying Bills?

Community Resources for Water Service Payment Assistance 


Forms for EAWSD Water Service
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