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Start or Transfer a Service Account

When ownership of a residential property with an existing EAWSD water service account is transferred from a property owner (seller) to a buyer, the buyer must call the *Customer Service & Billing office, preferably prior to the closing date, to ensure uninterrupted service. An EAWSD Customer Support agent will advise you on the documentation you will need to submit and/or bring to the office to complete the transfer and establish water service in your name. You will also be asked to complete a New Property Owner Service Application form. To transfer a Commercial Service Account, please contact the *Customer Service & Billing Office.

Start or Transfer a Service Account for a Rental Property

Requests for start or transfer of a service account for a Rental Property must be submitted by the Landlord (i.e., Property Owner) or Property Manager by contacting the *Customer Service & Billing office. EAWSD can accommodate requests to send a “copy” of the monthly bill and accept water service payments from the tenant occupying the property, however, the Landlord/Property Manager is ultimately responsible for timely payment of the monthly water bill, and any associated late fees or penalties incurred if their tenant fails to pay the water bill. If neither party pays a past due bill, the account will be rendered delinquent, with impending risk of service shutoff and other legal actions, until the bill is paid in full.


*Customer Service & Billing Office

(505) 466-1085 (Opt. 1)

Establish New Water Service to a Property Not Served by EAWSD

If you have purchased or are considering purchasing a property that is currently not served by EAWSD, contact the *Customer Service & Billing office to request a New Water Service Estimate which will provide you with the estimated costs to establish new water service to the property. To expedite your request, be prepared to provide an address and/or copy of the plat showing the location of the property in question.

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New Customer Welcome Booklet

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Security Deposit Requirements

All applicants are required to show proof of identification (e.g., driver's license or photo ID) and provide a $130 security deposit when establishing a water service account. This deposit will be refunded following 18 months of on-time payments or when the homeowner sells or moves from the home, provided the final bill is paid in full. Please contact the *Customer Service & Billing office with any questions.

Close a Service Account

To close a service account when you are planning to sell your property or move to another property within EAWSD, the seller/owner must first contact the *Customer Service & Billing office. An EAWSD Customer Support agent will provide you with a Request for Final Reading/Transfer Account form. NOTE: The seller/owner remains fully responsible for payment of the monthly base fee for a metered connection to the home or vacant property, and for any water used, until the move out date. Once the final bill is paid in full, the service account will be closed. To ensure a smooth transition between the seller and buyer, click on the link below for a complete checklist of what you will need to close a service account.

Delinquency, Service Shutoff, and Property Liens

If a home or business does not pay the monthly water bill and/or the bill is outstanding for more than 60 days, a disconnect notice will be sent to the customer, including the date of shutoff (usually 20 business days hence) and a deadline for payment to avoid shutoff. A door hanger is placed at the property or business 3 business days prior to the shutoff date. If the customer brings their account up to date, no shutoff action is taken. If a customer does not pay their bill by the noted deadline, service will be shutoff and a Notice of Claim of Lien will be placed on the property. If you miss the deadline to pay and your water has been shutoff, please contact the *Customer Service & Billing office to discuss options to make payment and reconnect service. A reconnection fee may be assessed.

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