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Boil Water Notices

Usually, Boil Water Notices are issued when there is a possibility of bacterial contamination within the water system. Affected customers are notified when a Boil Water Notice is issued.
What does the District do if we issue a Boil Water Notice?
Depending on the size of the affected area, EAWSD uses some, or all, of the following notification methods. We may hand deliver notices door to door, or leave a small sign near the driveway, as well as post large signs at entrances to the affected area.  Local newspapers, radio, and television stations may be notified, and announcements will be posted on this website. We also notify the New Mexico Environment Department with every occurrence. 
Often times, a Boil Water Notice is issued owing to a line break. In case of a line break, repairing the break is the highest priority. Following repair, we flush the lines and collect bacteriological samples to check for possible contamination. When the lab results show that the water meets standards of safety, we then issue a Discontinue Boil Water Notice using the same methods listed above.
What does the water user do if there is a Boil Water Notice?
The New Mexico Environment Department has issued very clear instructions about what do to in case of a Boil Water Notice 

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