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As a public entity, Eldorado Area Water & Sanitation District must comply with many laws and regulations governing the administration and management of the District -- regulations concerning such aspects as open meetings, finance, procurement, elections, management of information, etc.


As a utility providing drinking water, EAWSD must comply with other Federal, State, and County laws and regulations that protect the safety of our water and protect our environment.


Furthermore, EAWSD was established under the New Mexico Water and Sanitation District Act and is required to comply with the conditions of that act.

EAWSD has developed policies and procedures to direct compliance with these regulations and to assure fair treatment of area residents.  Furthermore, the District has been working to maintain good working relationships with other related government agencies.

Some of the Laws and Regulations Governing EAWSD include:


New Mexico Water & Sanitation District Act

[2013 New Mexico Statutes:  Chapter 73 - Special Districts.  Article 21 - Water and Sanitation Districts]

New Mexico Open Meetings Act Compliance Guide

[2015, Eighth Edition: NMSA 1978, Chapter 10, Article 15]


New Mexico Administrative Code.  Title 1.  General Government Administration   [Administration, Procurement, Public property management, Elections, etc.]

New Mexico Administrative Code.  Title 2.  Public Finance  [audits, accounting, expenditure of public funds, travel and per diem, investment and deposit of public finances, capital expenditures, etc.]

New Mexico Administrative Code.  Title 3.  Taxation

New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act  [NMSA 1978, Chapter 14, Article 2 -- Freedom of Information]

New Mexico State Procurement Policies and Guidelines

New Mexico Constitution  [includes antidonation clause]


New Mexico Administrative Code.  Title 17.  Public Utilities and Utility Services  

New Mexico 811 Law (One Call)


New Mexico Administrative Code.  Title 19.  Natural Resources and Wildlife  [Administration and use of water, Surface Water, Ground Water, etc.]

New Mexico Administrative Code.  Title 20.  Environmental Protection

[Water quality, wastewater and water supply facilities, solid waste, etc.]

US Safe Drinking Water Act

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