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A water meter is required for any account that receives water service from EAWSD

District water meters are typically located in an enclosure in a utility easement by the street in front of your home adjacent to your property. Meter readings are taken once a month during the first three to five business days of each month.


Water meters are EAWSD property and are always kept locked. Meters may only be accessed by authorized District personnel. Unauthorized access to a meter enclosure can damage equipment and break seals, which includes damage caused by the meter freezing during the winter months and will also incur a tamper fee. If there is a problem with your meter, contact the District’s Customer Service Office at (505) 466-1085, Opt. 1.


How is Customer Water Usage Information Collected?

(1)  Cellular transmitter, using  *BEACON® AMR cellular technology

(2)   Manually (when signal strength is weak)

(3)   By radio transmitter (older meters)


* By the end of 2022, over 96% of EAWSD customer meters were upgraded to the latest BEACON® Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) cellular transmitters. The transmitters communicate via the cloud to a designated website and require no manual reading. However, in some instances, where the cellular signal strength is weak or non-existent, a manual read may need to be obtained for billing purposes. The main benefit that you will gain from having a meter with BEACON® cellular meter technology is that usage information is updated daily and you can access and self-monitor your usage through a password-protected online account called EyeOnWater (EOW).  Click on the EOW link to learn more about this important feature.


What Happens if the Meter is Damaged?

If a customer’s meter has been damaged or is inaccessible, a reading is estimated, and the problem is remedied as quickly as possible. The next available meter reading will state the actual usage during the estimated consumption period and your account will be adjusted to reflect actual water usage. 

Questions about the Monthly Reading?

If a customer is concerned that their meter is not functioning properly and generating inaccurate monthly readings, please contact the Customer Service & Billing office so a technician can investigate high or low usage. Keep in mind that the following charges apply for any Special Services requested, per the current EAWSD Rate Schedule shown below. 

IMPORTANT: Other special service requests will be charged on a time and materials basis. Estimates are available from EAWSD. Neither EAWSD nor its contractors will conduct any work on the customer’s side of the water meter. Do not attempt to open the lid of a water meter enclosure on your own as you can cause damage to the meter. Fines may be levied for unauthorized access.

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