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The EAWSD water system has almost 3,000 connections, ~98% residential and ~2% commercial/public entities (e.g., school, library, senior center).  The system serves about 6,500 people.  The system has about 130 miles of distribution and transmission lines (above 4" diameter), with over 600 fire hydrants, spread over more than 20 square miles.
Storage reservoirs
The system has 6 storage tanks with 2.5 million gallons maximum total capacity.  These tanks are typically operated at 90% full (~2 Mgal, equivalent to 2-4 days’ supply in summer).  There are 5 booster pump stations to move water from
wells to the tanks and two small surge tanks.
The District owns 15 production wells in four aquifer groups:


Most of the primary wells and booster pump stations are automated to fill and maintain tank levels via the SCADA system, which is the computerized monitoring and control system, operated remotely via telemetry. 


Pumping capacity

With the 10 primary wells, the total managed, sustained pumping capacity currently is 720 kgal/day, with short-term maximum capacity of approximately 1.2 million gallons per day (Mgal/day). In “dry” years, with little or no runoff in the Galisteo Creek alluvium, current managed, sustained capacity is reduced to approximately 540 kgal/day, with short-term maximum capacity of approximately 900 kgal/day.

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