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Billing and Payment Process

 Typically, customers are billed between the 12th and 15th of each month, and bills are due three weeks later. Specific due dates may be found on the monthly bill or on the Event and Meeting Calendar
Payments are processed as of close of business on the due date. A late penalty charge is applied if a balance due remains after payment processing.  The policy reads, “Any water utility service account that is not paid by the due date, in accordance with the District’s rules and tariffs in force, shall incur an additional late penalty charge in the amount of five dollars ($5.00) or ten percent (10%) of the total invoice amount, whichever is greater. The late penalty fee is subject to, and will be increased by, applicable governmental gross receipts tax. Any late payment penalty will be billed on the customer’s next regular invoice, and will be due and payable twenty-one (21) days after the date of that invoice.”

Late Payments and Unpaid Balances
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Late penalty charges, other unpaid balances, and new charges will appear on the next bill.  


Paying the "Total Amount Due" on the bill by the next due date will return the account to good standing; failing to do so will result in additional late penalty charges. 


Your service may be discontinued if there is a balance outstanding more than 60 days.

Assistance Paying Your Bill
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Payment Plans

If you receive an unusually high bill due to a leak  and would like to discuss a payment plan, contact the EAWSD Billing Office.  


You may be able to enter a Settlement Agreement with the District.  Under a Settlement Agreement, you would pay current charges and a portion of the overdue amount each month; your account would remain in good standing and you would incur no additional late charges as long as you meet the terms of the Settlement Agreement.  Interest would be charged on the outstanding balance.  


Entering a Settlement Agreement with the District for financial hardship requires the approval of the EAWSD General Manager. 


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