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Three factors contribute to the impact of Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) exposure:


  • The energy output of the device

EAWSD radio meters broadcast at between 0.01 to .25 watts. By comparison, a cordless phone operates at .25 watts, a wireless router at 1 watt and a cell phone at 3 watts;


  • The duration of exposure

Older radio-read meters in the system transmit for 43 seconds per day, while the new Beacon meters transmit for 4 seconds per day.


  • The distance from the source of exposure

To minimize any risk associated with exposure, the EAWSD meters are installed in meter enclosures in the ground, usually in a utility easement by the street. Further, Eldorado homes are required to be constructed with at least a 50-foot setback from the street.


To get into the science of this, exposure to RFR follows the inverse-square law of physics, in which the intensity of exposure is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. Thus, if you double the distance from a RFR source, the exposure level decreases by four times, to ¼ the exposure level at the original point of exposure. Just a few feet from a radio meter, the exposure level is negligible.


This combination of energy output, frequency of transmission, and distance from homes ensures that EAWSD radio meters are safe. EAWSD meters operate far below federal guidelines and regulatory requirements and maximum permissible exposure limits, which experts agree are sufficient to protect public health with a large margin of safety.


Studies and reviews conducted by objective, unbiased health and science agencies and organizations across the country and around the world show no evidence of a causal relationship between RFR exposure in the range of frequencies and power used by EAWSD meters and adverse health effects. Even though there is no evidence of health risk posed by the District’s radio meters, EAWSD maintains policies and procedures whereby customers can opt out of radio meter installation on their property.

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