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The map to your right shows the area served by EAWSD, as well as the boundaries of the legally-constituted Water and Sanitation District. Here's what these terms mean:

EAWSD Service Area (bounded by a bold red line)

This is the area within which EAWSD can provide water service; however, EAWSD water distribution lines do not extend across all of the area. 

EAWSD District Area (shaded in blue)

This is the area that was officially and legally designated by the State of New Mexico as the Eldorado Area Water & Sanitation District when the District was established in 1997, as well as properties annexed into the District since 1997. 


Properties within the District (area shaded in blue)

  • District water lines are accessible to properties throughout most of this area.

  • EAWSD will provide water service to properties if water is available. 

  • Properties are assessed a District tax, which is a portion of EAWSD's annual revenues. 

  • Residents, customers, and owners of all properties may vote in District elections. Please refer to the Elections & Voting Page for more information.

Properties outside the District, but within the Service Area (area shaded in red)

  • District water lines may not be accessible to properties in this area. 

  • EAWSD may not be able to provide water service to properties in this area. 

  • Properties are not assessed a District tax, but pay a higher monthly base fee in lieu of a tax. 

  • Only EAWSD customers may vote in District elections. 

  • Properties outside the District may be annexed into the District by petition to and approval of the EAWSD Board. 

Ad Valorem Tax

  • Based on the assessed value of an item such as real estate or personal property. 

  • Ad Valorem Tax is included in the bill from the SF County Tax Assessor, along with county-wide and school district taxes. 

  • The funds received by the District each year are determined 1) by the mill rate set by DFA (Department of Finance and Administration) and 2) by the assessed property values established by the SF County Assessor. 

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