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 CH2M/OMI merged with Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., as of 12/2017

Since 2004, CH2M has contracted with EAWSD to provide utility operations and maintenance services for the District.  The contract is annually renewable until 2019, at which time the District will be required to re-bid for utility operation services.
CH2M was founded in 1980 by CH2M HILL Companies Ltd., a $5 billion, employee-owned firm providing engineering, construction, operations, communications, security, environmental, and related services to public and private clients around the world.  There are over 1,600 men and women employed by CH2M  serving more than 120 clients at 200 sites in over 30 U.S. States, Canada and Puerto Rico. In December 2017, CH2M/OMI merged with Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. The company name will transition to JACOBS/OMI. The Operations and Management services provided to the District, per the original CH2M/OMI contract will remain the same.
Services included in the current CH2M contract include:

  • Operations and management of wells

  • Consulting

  • Routine system maintenance

  • System repairs

  • Customer service

  • Billing and collection

  • Maintain customer files

  • Meter reading

PH_2019 JACOBS-OMI Org Chart.jpg

The JACOBS/OMI Project Manager reports to the EAWSD General Manager.  The chart shows the current JACOBS/OMI organization supporting EAWSD. 


Operator staff handle the technical side of utility operations such as system maintenance, repairs, and meter reading.  Office staff handle customer service, billing and collection, and manage the customer files. Staffing levels may vary slightly owing to workload.  
The General Manager and Board works closely with JACOBS/OMI on day-to-day operations.  Per contract, CH2M's performance is reviewed annually; the intent of these reviews is to document performance at a particular point in time and formulate plans to address any perceived problems. CH2M is invited to respond to each review. 

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