EAWSD provides clean, safe, and reliable water services to almost 3,000 customers in the unincorporated area around Eldorado in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

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EAWSD Board Meetings are routinely scheduled for the first and third Thursdays of each month.  These meetings are held at the District office and are open to the public. Please see the calendar for updates or changes to this schedule.

The October 3, 2019 Board Mtg. 

has been CANCELLED. The next meeting is scheduled for October 17, 2019 starting at 7 PM in the EAWSD Public Conference Rm.


Cost of Service & Rate Design Study 

was held on 9/25/19 @ 6 PM

in the EAWSD Public Conf. Room

On Tuesday, Aug. 27th, Nelisa Heddin, the District's rate study consultant, presented her findings and recommendations of the EAWSD 2019 Rate Study that was conducted over the past year in a Public Forum setting. Ms. Heddin worked closely with the EAWSD Rate Study Advisory Committee to develop a rate schedule that will ensure that the District is able to efficiently manage it revenues to meet all utility expenses and debt obligations and to provide reliable water service to its customers over both the short term and long term. The last rate study was conducted in 2015. The current rate schedule will expire at the end of 2019.

Below are links to what was presented at the  8/27/19 Public Forum:

If you did not have the opportunity to
attend the forum or the September 19 Board meeting, but would like to comment or make a suggestion,


To view the final report accepted by the EAWSD Board on 9/19/2019, please use the link below:

FINAL REPORT: Cost of Service & Rate Design Study as submitted by Nelisa Heddin, Rate Study Consultant and presented at the 9/25/19 Public Hearing.


RESOLUTION No. 20-09-02: Authorizing an adjustment to Rates, Tolls, Fees or Charges effective with February 2020 Billing.

USE THIS LINK to view a copy of the 9/25/19 Public Rate Hearing TRANSCRIPT submitted on 10/4/19:  


NEXT STEPThe Public Hearing officer has 30 days following receipt of the transcript to render his decision.  

August 28, 2019

EAWSD 2019 Board Election - Tuesday, November 5, 2019

On Aug. 27, 2019, the following individuals submitted Declaration of Candidacy Forms to run for the following Board Positions:

Position 1:  David W. Yard  (Unopposed)

Position 2:  John Calzada (Unopposed)

Position 4:  David W. Burling (Currently holds position)

                      Terry G. Warnell  

June 05, 2019

The annual Water Quality Report for water treated in 2018, also referred to as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), is available for viewing by clicking on the paperclip above or on the link below. More information can be obtained by visiting the EAWSD Customer Service and Billing Office located at 2 North Chamisa Drive or by email: customer.support@EAWSD.org.


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Common Questions

October 26, 2018

What is our water hardness?

Generally, the water hardness in Eldorado is about 250 parts per million or milligrams per liter. This is also equivalent to about 15 grains per gallon. If you wish to soften your tap water with a commercially-available water softener, the installer will want to know this water hardness level in order to propertly adjust the softener.  Link to other FAQs about your water.

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