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What is EAWSD doing to promote water conservation?

  • EAWSD maintains a Water Conservation Plan and a Water Restrictions and Alert Management Plan.

  • In 2009, the District implemented a conservation rate structure that encourages conservation by charging higher rates to heavy water users.  

  • In 2013, EAWSD established a water conservation surcharge for water usage in excess of 10,000 gallons per month during peak summer months.

  • EAWSD disseminates information about water-use efficiency measures.  

  • As old meters are replaced, the District is converting to electronic meters that allow customers to monitor and manage their water use on a daily basis through a password-protected Web site. Customers can program their meter Web account to send them a notification alert by email and/or text if the system detects a leak in the customer’s plumbing system.  

  • The District has an ongoing commitment to infrastructure improvements, including a program to identify and repair pipeline water leaks.  

  • EAWSD has implemented a program to reduce water pressure in the system, which will reduce water main breaks, water loss from leaks, and customer water use.

  • The District has a continuing program of education and communications for the community, through programs such as outreach to the schools, conservation tips in the monthly newsletter, and resources on the District website.

Have water conservation efforts been successful?

  • Eldorado is a community that respects its natural resources.  Our community has reduced its water consumption by over 14% since 2011, based on gallons pumped, while the number of District customers has increased by 2.1%. The water use per customer has decreased by 14%.


We are successfully conserving water. Why aren't our rates going down?

  • Lower water consumption, unfortunately, doesn't reduce the fixed costs of the water utility and the cost of maintaining and improving our infrastructure. Ironically, our success in encouraging water conservation was a factor in EAWSD needing to increase rates in January 2016 to replace the revenue lost due to lower consumption.


What is the "Water Conservation Surcharge"?

  • The monthly average use for all EAWSD residential customers during the months of May through August is about 6,000 gallons per month. To encourage lower water usage in peak summer months, the EAWSD Board in 2013 established a water conservation surcharge for water usage in excess of 10,000 gallons per month during the months of May through August. Those customers pay 50% more for the water they use over 10,000 gallons during those months.


Does the District offer rebates when customers replace fixtures and appliances with water-saving devices?

  • No. The District does not have a program to provide rebates for water conserving fixtures and appliances. However, we do encourage ratepayers to make such improvements in their homes to reduce their water bills and to conserve water.


What can I, as a homeowner, do to conserve water?

  • If you are a gardener, plant a xeriscape garden, using drought-tolerant plantings.

  • Irrigate your landscape using rainwater and snow melt collected from cisterns or water barrels.

  • Routinely inspect and maintain irrigation systems and waterlines on your property.

  • Install low-flow showerheads and faucets.

  • Install low-flush toilets.

  • Install a water-efficient, front-loading washing machine.

  • Be sure to adjust the water level settings on your washing machine to the proper load size.

  • Use a dishwasher: it’s generally more water efficient than hand washing your dishes.

  • Favor taking a short shower over taking a bath.

  • Speedily repair leaky faucets and toilets.

  • In high-pressure areas of the District, customers should assure that your home has a pressure-regulating valve to control water pressure.

  • Assure that your home has a water cut-off valve, inform family members about its location, and show them how to operate it.

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