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Steve King

General Manager


505-466-2531               general.manager@EAWSD.org

General Manager, Steve King is responsible for District management and administration.  Contact by clicking on email link above.

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Anna Mondragon-Metzger

Administrative Project Manager

505-466-2411         admin.manager@EAWSD.org

Administrative Project Manager, Anna Mondragon-Metzger, provides support to the General Manager with contract management and other project-related compliance and resolution issues, as well as oversight of the day-to-day administrative operations of the District.

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Debra Sanderson

Administrative Assistant

505-466-2411          admin.assistant@EAWSD.org

Administrative Assistant, Debra Sanderson, is responsible for providing support to the General Manager, Administrative Project Manager, and EAWSD Board of Directors with all day-to-day administrative operations of the District.